Loving Yourself from the Inside Out

ANDREA THIEL CONNELL:  How do I love Thee (and by Thee I mean Me); let me count the ways…Surely this is the hardest thing for people to do; loving themselves…they think. It’s not that people don’t love themselves, it’s that they are stuck in shallow thinking. I want you to jump into the deep end.

Go into the depths of your soul to the place where you shine the brightest and feel how you feel there. Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart centre and breathe deeply. Lovely isn’t it? This is simply the ‘loving You’; your unsung hero self. This is the part of you that knows no other way but to love; self, others, and all of creation and spends each and everyday trying to prove it!

It’s all about letting the light shine, throwing out the garbage, and cleaning the windows etc. because if the house is dark and grimy the beauty can’t be seen. Have you ever cleaned the grime that has built up on a piece of real wood furniture after years of daily use? Or polished a piece of real silver? Or washed a treasured vase that was shoved to the back of a forgotten cupboard for years on end? The concealed beauty that becomes revealed is startling. Even though you can clearly see what the thing looks like, it is shocking to witness the beauty emerge when the grimy veils are removed. And so it is looking in the mirror. Until the light is allowed to shine out from within it is impossible to grasp your own true beauty. It doesn’t matter how much light you shine on something, if it’s dirty, dusty, grimy or veiled you will never see it for what it truly is.

Loving yourself isn’t something you have to learn how to do; it’s something you have to allow to come forward from within you. It is there, always, in the core of your essential being, keeping it all together. In reality there is no differentiation between the love that is self and the love that is divine; they are infinitely one. In our heart of hearts we know this. In the deepest core of your being you are love. It is the intense love for yourself, your creator, your creative essence and your love for humanity that allowed you to manifest on this planet in this lifetime. In the knowing you are love there is nothing to learn. If you think you don’t love yourself you are stuck in an illusion.

Shallow Thinking; Fragile Illusions

The layers that coat the light of love that you are, that separate you as an individual from all the other sparks of light around you are like veils of illusion. When you are looking from the outside in you tend to interact with others via your layers of veils. The part of you that identifies with the outermost expression of you, may not believe you are worth loving and you may never be convinced otherwise from an outside in approach. Personally I have given up trying. Instead, I suggest you shift your perspective to the inner most you and look out. When you are looking from the inside out, from your core, you tend to see with loving eyes.

If you are looking at the world, or your fellow beings with scepticism, judgment, cruelty or negativity, you’re sitting in an identity that is defined by one or more of your shallow, close to the surface, grimy veil layers. These outer layers represent and store our fears, our issues, our belief systems, and our weaknesses. The closer to the surface our perception is arrested, the weaker and more vulnerable we feel ourselves to be. At the surface we are negotiating space in an impermanent, fragile world. Our shallow identification with the superficial layers of ourselves must be released for all time, for the benefit of all humanity.

The deeper we go into ourselves, past the issues, past the faulty belief systems, past the fragile illusions, the more we will find our immeasurable strength, courage and radiant light. In our core we simply, unquestioningly share space with the divine omnipotent force of the all that is. Our innermost core is committed, fully connected and indeed One with the essential principle of all things. The omnipotent aspect that permeates all expressions of life is unbiased and stable. It is here that we know of self-love. Further, it is this intimate knowing of self-love that has the awareness to share and give true love to another.

The Unsung Hero

This illuminated aspect of you holds the knowledge of your imperative soul’s purpose on Earth. This Divine love infused spark has orchestrated universal rhythms into a harmonic opportunity that has allowed your soul to manifest in form in this life. This love light within is the hero for the successful completion of all your life’s desires. It is the hero responsible for all your blessings, your joy, and your gifts. It is this hero, this enlightened warrior that defends your right to life, to live, to love, to know truth and wisdom. This magical universal spark of light that resides in the core of your being longs only to expand and to fill the darkness of confusion, pain and doubt of the rest of your being and your life.

Unfortunately we are not conditioned in our world to think and experience life from the inside out. We have been taught to seek approval and acceptance from others, to engage with the veiled personalities around us. As we believe in the illusions of others we fight to remember our own inner light. We struggle to ‘find’ ourselves but everywhere we look we encounter the doubts and misgivings of other souls also struggling. As we stay engaged with the veils of illusion all around we see only the impermanent fragility of life. It is easy to lose hope and become fearful.

But that unsung Hero never gives up the fight. In the darkest of days that hero encourages us to open our eyes to one more day, to love one more person, to laugh one more time. And in the doing of these simple things the light grows again and is not forgotten.

This February, as you think of the one you love, think simultaneously of the Hero within for you are One. The light that transmits and receives the signal that you are love, grows by sharing the wisdom that love is alive and well, and that what shines brightly in you, shines also in me and in the core of all living things. Praise your inner hero for having the courage to keeping holding the rest of you in sacred love.